"I am confident in saying that if it hadn't been for Growing Minds, my beautiful, smart daughter would not be reading today. I am convinced that there is no way that the school or I (also an educator) could have put together a more thorough program for learning to read. It is very clear to me that she does have reading difficulties and they would have been insurmountable in an educational setting. Because of Growing Minds, Aneesa is able to keep up in school and has received exemplary comments from her teachers. I encourage all parents whose children have diagnosed or undiagnosed reading challenges to try Growing Minds. The investment in your child's future is one that will last a lifetime."

- Danielle, Aneesa's mom.


Josh H.


Josh H. is 13 years old and has been struggling in school for a few years. Through Kristen's recommendation, he was evaluated for and diagnosed with ADHD and has been seeing much relief now that his attention is being managed. He is currently enrolled in Growing Minds's 6-month program and we are very excited to see what great changes he makes in reading and learning. Stay tuned for updates on Josh's progress!

Steph D.


"My daughter was a Junior In high school and really struggling with keeping up with her school work. We had tried the tutoring route and that just provided more frustration. We heard about this program and signed her up. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Listen, this is worth every penny. The staff are knowledgeable and compassionate and genuinely care about their students. The study and memorization techniques that my daughter learned are still being used today 4 years later. My daughter is currently a Junior in the nursing program and has a solid 3.4 GPA!  Not only have her grades improved, her self confidence has grown and she enjoys learning again."

Steph D
Jenny H.

Jenny H.


"I was a student of Growing Minds when I was in 5th grade. Before I was enrolled for the sessions I was not succeeding in math and my reading level was below of where I needed to be. With the help of Growing Minds my math grades improved and I bumped up to honors level English classes. Now as a high school graduate, I definitely thank Growing Minds for my academic success!"



"4 years ago, my daughter's undiagnosed ADD (she fooled us all!) caught up with her. High school Biology class required memorization and recall skills she simply didn't have... until she completed 3 months with Kristen and her staff at Beyond Tutoring. It was worth every penny. She is now a college student with a GPA over 3.0... still working hard for it, but finally retaining what she studies. Schoolwork still isn't fun, but at least it rewards her effort. Just because your child isn't hyper, doesn't mean they can pay attention well. That's what Kristen can and does do...she helps your child PERMANENTLY change how and how well they pay attention...which lends itself to a better memory too. So glad we found this program!"



Alexis' mother writes "Last year when Alexis was in 8th grade, I had to drag her out of bed, give her many time reminders and push her out the door for school. Now in 9th grade, she gets herself up out of bed at 6am, gets ready for school, eats breakfast, packs a lunch and leaves for school at 6:45am without any assistance from me. Alexis struggled because she used to do things like forget her homework, or do it but forget to hand it in, or leave it in her locker, or not follow the instructions. Now she is organized, writes everything down, studies for tests and has A's in her honors classes. Alexis asked to be tested for the gifted program and was accepted. Our relationship has greatly improved because instead of me pushing her to care of her responsibilities, we can talk about things that are important to her. Growing Minds's training allowed Alexis to unlock the intelligence we knew was stuck inside of her."


"Our sweet, 8-year-old boy B. struggled to read and to pay attention. We spent a lot of time and energy after school working with him, but he wasn't progressing at grade level. We enrolled B. in Beyond Tutoring's 6-month program, and it was intense! Kristen was very helpful in giving us realistic expectations and advocating for more diagnostic testing for B. regarding his attention. We are very happy with the improvement in B.'s reading! We are still on a journey to figure out the best way to help him focus. This may or may not include medication at some point. We are so thankful for the improvements that B. made at Growing Minds and may re-enroll him in the future to continue to improve his learning & attention skills."

- M. & B. B.


Sam's mother writes "My 10 year-old, Sam, had trouble reading and could not sit still long enough to pay attention in class. He was in the Title I reading program, and his self-esteem was very low because of it. To compensate for this, he became the class clown and avoided his homework. After just 6 months at Growing Minds, Sam is now a confident learner. He is out of Title I and actually enjoys reading! Sam's confidence is way up and I no longer have to spend hours every night on his homework with him."


"As an adult student at Growing Minds, I have seen lots of improvement in my life. Prior to my 3-month training, I had to use my GPS a lot because I couldn't remember how to get to common places. I had a really difficult time taking notes during my college courses (I'm going back to school for a second degree) because I would lose what I wanted to write down, so I had to tape the lecture and listen to it again to complete my notes. At work, people would ask me to do something and I would tell them to email the request to me because I knew that when I got back to my office, I would forget. Since going through Growing Minds's program, everything has changed.
I do not need to use my GPS as often. I am able to multi task in ways I never expected at work: I can take several requests while out of my office and remember them when I return, I can even continue to write an email and answer a verbal question at the same time. And I no longer need to tape my lectures because I can complete my class notes in class. I am so glad that I followed through with this program."

- Karen Sullivan, 33 years old.