How it Works

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Our services are personalized for your child. In order to fully understand your child’s specific learning and reading needs, our psychologist tests their underlying cognitive skills to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Since our program is individualized, exact fees cannot be quoted until we have reviewed your child’s cognitive and achievement testing results.

EVALUATION COST: The Cognitive and Achievement Testing is $400. This fee covers the test with a Licensed Educational Psychologist, a written report, and a consultation to discuss the results.



This is a one-to-two hour meeting to discuss your child’s cognitive and achievement testing results and a plan of action to improve weak areas so that learning, reading, and paying attention are all easier!

At this time, we will be able to offer specifics on how much training your child will need in order to reach their goals, and exactly how much this personalized program will cost for your family. If would like to review our pricing page, please click here

CONSULTATION COST: No fee. This service is included in the price of your child’s initial testing.

Here are our most common Payment Options

Pay in Full

We offer a 4% discount to any family who chooses to pay the program fees in full.

Monthly Payments

Some families choose to split up the program fees over the number of months their child is enrolled at Growing Minds. For example, if the child comes for six months, the family makes six monthly payments.

Initial Deposit + Monthly Payments

Some families choose to make an initial deposit (using savings or tax returns or a gift from Grandparents) in order to lower the monthly fee.

Extended Payments

We allow a select few families to pay for longer than their child is enrolled. For example, if your child is enrolled for 6 months, you may choose to pay over 9-12 months. Special restrictions apply.

 Credit Card

Growing Minds accepts all major credit cards.

Please Note: There is a 3% charge for each credit card transaction

Financing & Grants & Family Members

We encourage you to explore all of your options!