We know how hard it is to watch your child struggle in school...

We would love to help make life easier for them


of clients anonymously surveyed said that academic performance improved because of our program.


If your child or teen is struggling in school, our program could change everything. We work closely with psychologists who determine the true cause of learning issues through cognitive and achievement testing. Then we build an intense program targeted to improve the student's weaknesses. Our clients come to Growing Minds for intense, systematic, one-on-one sessions 4 times a week and experience true change in their ability to think, learn, read, remember, process information, and pay attention.


Why is your child struggling to read?

At Growing Minds, we work closely with psychologists who will help to discover the specific reasons why your child is struggling to read. Once the underlying issues have been identified, we train and improve auditory processing, decoding, fluency, comprehension, and spelling. All in about 4-8 months. Our program is fast and effective.


of clients anonymously surveyed said that their child's reading improved because of our program.


At Growing Minds, we train the 3 types of attention:

1. Sustained Attention: How long can the student focus on a non-preferred activity?

2. Selective Attention: How well can the student block out distractions when working on something they don't necessarily enjoy?

3. Alternating Attention: How well can the student switch between tasks?

Those with ADHD and attention issues also have VERY underdeveloped executive functioning skills. Executive functioning is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation. These skills include:

Prioritizing & Planning
(goal setting and achievement)

Getting and Staying Organized

Task Initiation
(starting something that's hard)

Task Completion
(finishing something that's hard)

Time Management

Emotional Self Control

Remembering to Remember
(the normal things of life like dentist appointments or turning in an important form)

Hate doing homework with your child?