About Us

Growing Minds is a small, privately owned learning center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

All our sessions are done via zoom so that's one less place you need to drive to and we can help no matter where you live!

Formerly Beyond Tutoring, our mission is to create independent learners and readers. This usually takes us about 6 months. 

We focus primarily on training and improving cognitive skills, reading, and attention skills.

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What Methods does Growing Minds Use?

  • A cognitive skills training curriculum proven to improve cognitive and attention skills
  • A sound-to-code curriculum to improve decoding, spelling and comprehension
  • ADHD & Executive Functioning coaching

How Does Our Program Work?

At Growing Minds, we get to the bottom of learning struggles and provide a long-term solution in about 6 months. We work closely with psychologists who determine the true cause of learning issues through cognitive and achievement testing. Then we build a brain-training program targeted to improve the student's cognitive weaknesses.

Our clients come to Growing Minds for intense, systematic, one-on-one brain training 4 times a week and experience true change in their ability to think, learn, read, remember, process information and pay attention.

Our goal is to create independent learners and readers in about 6 months, and according to post-testing data and client surveys, our program really works!


90% of past clients report that their child's overall grades improved because of Growing Mind's program.

Growing Minds is not:

  1. A franchise
    • We are privately owned and operated. We have compiled the best curriculums to affect the most change, and we are free to tailor the program to best fit the client's needs.
  2. A tutoring center
    • Tutors re-teach information and are very helpful if a child struggles with one particular concept or class. However, we go beyond tutoring! Instead of putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms of chronic learning struggles, we get to the root cause of the problem(s) and offer a permanent solution in 3-6 months.
  3. A medical center
    • Our services are educational, not medical, and as such we do not take insurance.

We believe that every typical child has the ability to succeed independently, and we have committed our lives to making sure that Growing Minds is THE place where this happens. We would love to help your child or teen thrive academically!

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We anonymously surveyed our clients, and here's what we found:

Length of enrollment

  • 63% of students were enrolled for 120 hours (6 months)
  • 24% of students were enrolled for 60 hours (3 months)
  • 13% of students were enrolled for 120+ hours
    • No student has come for more than 160 hours (8 months)

Customer Service

  • 100% of those surveyed stated they were happy with Growing Minds' customer service while enrolled in the program


  • 96% reported that their child's reading improved because of Growing Minds' program


  • 93% reported that their child's attention improved because of their time at Growing Minds.

Overall Academic Performance

  • 90% reported that their child's academic performance improved because of Growing Minds' program